About us

Travelling by coach does not only mean moving from one place to another. Travelling by coach means moving in time and space, accompanied by your emotions and feelings. Every journey is a different one because it implies new expectations, it pursues an experience never felt before, it is nurtured by the wish to see and discover different places all the time.
If you believe that travelling encompasses all these things, let us take care of you.

Our Story

For over 50 years working to provide a superior service to our customers and to turn every trip into an unforgettable thrill. You climb on board our bus will soon all the comfort they need, always accompanied by courtesy, experience, reliability and, above all, passion for their work.

Our strength is the treatment we pay to our clients during every shift, because we believe strongly that establishing a working relationship and trust is the key needed to establish a stable relationship over time.

Throughout our history, we specialize in all types of transport, involving target also very different: from religious tourism, tours school, there is no travel or transportation that can not be planned and implemented by our staff.

All this, again, in full respect of the environment.

The new range of buses is equipped with the latest anti-pollution standards (Euro 5 and Euro 6), reflecting the fact that environmental awareness is an integral part of our business philosophy.

In this groove, we are attentive to the collection, use smart energy resources, to conduct more respectful towards nature and the environment